We do not replicate shapes. Alternatively, we reinterpret through a tradition of “efficient simplicity” of wooden toys and objects, where dexterity and ingenuity were the main creative resources,

and harmoniously integrate a mix of traditional and modern methods.

We rely on meticulous techniques for painting and decorating layer after layer—a process that may require from days to weeks to attain the distinctive finish that makes each of these pieces a unique work of art.

From the very beginning, each piece is treated as an artistic-object handcrafted with all the necessary attributes that make a top-quality souvenir. Hence, the limited number of each exclusive, numbered, and guaranteed pieces that bear the Wonder Full Chile ® brand on their base.

We take all the time that is needed to conceive and cure our creations; we design and redesign, evolving along with each piece until we are satisfied and happy that you will receive something special and unique.

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